The ever so popular Protein Sparing Modified Fast diet, specifically the Rapid Fat Loss Handbook by Lyle McDonald is one of the most effective fat loss protocols around. Previously discussed here: PSMF

Because of the low calorie design of the diet, a few supplements are essential to be able to function properly and stick to the diet.

The most common and possibly most important thing one must supplement with on a PSMF, other than electrolytes, are fish oils. With such low fat intake on this diet, supplemental essential fatty acids are of utmost importance.  As per Lyle McDonald:

Research has found that the body will saturate tissue levels of the EPA and DHA at an intake of roughly 1.8 grams EPA and 1.2 grams of DHA.

Depending on a dieters meal frequency, this should allow 2-3 fish oils capsules (or a teaspoon of liquid fish oil) to be consumed with each meal.

This works out to 10 standard one-gram fish oil capsules. Some companies make extra concentrated fish oils, typically containing about double the EPA/DHA content. The main benefit would be less pills to swallow, and a few less calories.

Ketogenics brand Fish Oils are triple strength and have a high EPA and DHA content. 5 to 6 pills a day is all you need compared to 10+ pills of the average fish oil product on the market.  Click the image below to read more or to place an order: