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Activity Level
Sedentary – Desk Job
Lightly Active – Retail
Active – Personal Trainer
Very Active – Physical Labor
If unknown, use Sedentary

Protein Selection
We recommend at least 1gram/lb of lean body mass and higher if lifting up to 2gms/lb – ie: 200lb person at 20% body fat = 180 grams of protein (1gm per lb of lean mass)

Deficit %

Select a calorie deficit or surplus based on your goal. A 5-25% deficit for fat loss is sustainable for most and 5-15% surplus is all most need for lean gaining. If fat loss is a top goal then 20-25% deficit is a good place to start.

Lifting Days
If Lifting, add how many days per week and how much time spent actually LIFTING during each session, not total

lb kg
Navy calculator


To figure out your macros use the following TDEE Macro Calculator.

For those who are looking to lose fat (most common) choose “sedentary” and then choose a deficit of 20 to 25%.

We recommend to keep protein intake of AT LEAST 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body mass.

Total carbs under 30 grams and the rest is fat.

Feel free to vary fat intake daily, some days normal..some days lower. This makes for a very effective way to hit a nice deficit at the end of the week.

The fat intake is NEVER a goal to hit but a LIMIT to stay under.

If you don’t hit your fat grams for the day, no problems at all; infact pat yourself on the back 🙂

Always hit your protein numbers.

Always keep keep carbs under your allotted amount, ie; 30 gms

Never worry about fat intake…just don’t go over the limit.

Contrary to what some in the higher fat, therapeutic keto community may tell you (they are following medical therapeutic ketosis not a ketogenic diet for fat loss and body recomposition) the fat grams does not need to be higher than the protein grams because it seems many people don’t realize that 100 grams of protein is actually less than 50 grams of fat.

Some basic stuff here that is shockingly not basic for a lot of people:

50 grams of fat = 450 calories
100 grams of protein = 400 calories.
50 grams of fat IS HIGHER than 100 grams of protein.

When you see these arbitrary percentages all over the Internet, they are not talking about % of grams of protein and fat..its the calorie percentage of the whole daily intake.

That’s why so many people get it so wrong and way over consume on the fat grams because they’re using the wrong math.

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