Recommended supplements for a PSMF diet

As mentioned in a previous blog post, a PSMF is such an extreme diet that drastically restrict BOTH fat and carbs, there could the risk of nutrient deficiency. Because of that there are specific supplements that are not only recommended but required when following a PSMF.

But 1st things first, make sure you set your proper PSMF macros here:

Some pretty basic but much needed supplements while following a PSMF are:

Fish Oil
Electrolyte supplement
ECA stack (optional)
Protein powder (optional)

Fish Oil – The PSMF Diet lacks in essential fatty acids(also know as EFA’s), so a supplement will be needed. Most recommend up to 10,000mg/day which on average is 10 softgels a day. KetoGenics Mega EPA/DHA is a triple strength fish oil product and a great price.

A Multivitamin/Multi-mineral supplement: The lack of fruit combined with limited vegetables could lead to vitamin deficiencies especially the longer you are on the diet. Play it safe and take a multivitamin/mineral supplement when following a PSMF. Keto Multi-Vit would be a good choice in this regard.

Electrolytes: Sodium/Potassium/Magnesium should be added to any ketogenic or low-carb diet and even more so on a PSMF. Most “keto flu” symptoms come from proper electrolyte balance – typically it is recommended to supplement with 3-5 g of sodium, 1 g of potassium (most pills come in 99mg amounts), 500 mg of magnesium, this should help with fatigue. In addition 600-1000 mg/day of calcium is also recommended. An all in one like Keto-Lytes HP would fit in perfect here. At

Keto Lytes HP

Fiber: If you are not getting enough from eating fibrous veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, etc) which is usually the case on a PSMF then adding in some Pysllium fiber is a great help. Sugar free Metamucil or Pysllium fiber capsules work wonders. Check out KetoGenics Pysllium fiber capsules.

ECA stack (Ephedrine, Caffeine, Aspirin) – optional but many find it can be essential for blunting hunger, giving you tons of energy and well lets be honest, the most researched “fat burner” in history but ephedrine is now illegal or very hard to get. A much better option is available at or click here: BetadrineECA

Protein Powder: Many have no issues with using them and find they are needed to hit their daily protein total but are not very satiating so if you want to use some then try to get micellar casein which will have a better chance of filling you up vs whey. For PSMF, casein is better than whey because it digests slowly and is more filling.

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