– Guest Blog by Nicholas Napier –

The keto diet has changed the lives of thousands of people, and the products available on KetoShop.com make its challenges easier to navigate. From crucial vitamins and minerals that tend to be deficient for a lot of keto followers to digestive enzymes that improve comfort while on keto, Ketogenic supplements can be a real lifesaver. I’m honored to have the opportunity to contribute to KetoShop.com and help others overcome the challenges of going keto.

4 Side Effects of Going Keto and Why They Happen

While low-carb diets have been popular for over a decade, the keto diet is scientifically different. Rather than creating a daily deficiency of calories, keto causes a major chemical change in your body, completely revamping the way it processes energy.

With this major change comes serious weight loss and other benefits – but also some common side effects as your body adapts to these changes. These side effects have causes ranging from mineral deficiency to lack of electrolytes, but they have one thing in common: Understanding their causes can help you minimize these problems in the future.

Why is Keto Such a Big Adjustment for the Body?

From the day you were born, your body’s cells have depended on glucose for energy. This energy is needed for a wide range of vital purposes, including internal processes involving your organs and brain function. Long story short, this process of entering ketosis has an effect on your entire body. That’s why it’s understandable that such a major change would come with some side effects. Luckily, they pale in comparison to keto’s numerous benefits.

1. Leg Cramps – Caused by Frequent Urination

Ranging from minor pain to feeling like a vice grip tightening on your calf, leg cramps are a fairly common side effect of the keto diet. Why they happen is simple. Going into ketosis results in frequent urination, which causes both water and minerals to leave the body. With this mineral deficiency comes a variety of symptoms, with leg cramps being among the most disruptive.

Solution – Hydration, Salt, and Mineral Supplements

While the side effects you experience show up in the form of leg cramps, increased urination is the real culprit. In fact, it’s responsible for depriving your body of the salt, water, and minerals it needs to function properly. By using a supplement to restore these lost minerals, you can minimize or eliminate side effects like leg cramps while on keto.

2. Fatigue – Caused from Dehydration and Vitamin Deficiency

Whether you’re a hardcore gym rat or someone who exercises just enough to make it home after work, fatigue is a side effect that can take you out of your game. When first entering ketosis, it’s common to experience a noticeable drop in your energy level. Dehydration can bring on this fatigue, but it can also be a sign that you’re low in crucial B vitamins.

Solution – Hydration, Vitamin B, and Time

As you enter ketosis, your body has a major job ahead of it. All of the cells in your body must completely alter the way they supply energy. While hydration and various supplements that contain vitamin B can help alleviate your fatigue, part of it is just your body adapting to this new way of living.

3. Heart Palpitations and Trouble Focusing – Caused by Lack of Vitamin D

Whether or not you follow the keto diet, vitamin D deficiency is among the most prevalent types found in adults. While going outside for 15 minutes can give you a sufficient amount of vitamin D, weather and other issues make it challenging for many individuals to meet this requirement, leading to unwanted side effects.

Solution – Try a Vitamin D Supplement

Many Americans suffer from a lack of vitamin D and this deficiency can manifest as a variety of unwanted conditions. Choosing to replace your vitamin D with a reliable supplement is a great way to make up for this deficiency and put an end to your heart and brain-related symptoms.

4. Lethargic or Not Losing Weight – Caused By Not Eating Enough

If your plan is to do keto and not eat a lot of fats on a daily basis, you’ll essentially be starving yourself. While that may seem like the ideal path for losing weight, it will actually bring your weight loss and your energy production to a screeching halt. Although it may take some getting used to, it’s vital to eat a lot of fats and proteins throughout the day to make up for the carbs you aren’t consuming.

Solution – Increase your intake of fats and proteins

Most people who follow the keto diet report higher energy levels than ever before. If you’re not having that same experience, then a lack of crucial fats and proteins may be the culprit. Consider packing some keto-friendly snacks to sustain you throughout the day. Planning ahead for times when you won’t be able to eat for a few hours, like while at work or in class, will help you get the nutrients you need to feel your best.

Keto is Worth Powering through the Side Effects

No matter the path you choose, weight loss is a notorious challenge for just about everyone who attempts it. But for those who won’t give up until they have the body they want, the keto diet is a sure way to make it happen. With advantages that include weight loss and increased levels of energy, there are numerous reasons why keto is worth your best effort – even if it means overcoming some side effects along the way.